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In Classes 1-6 we follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and in Classes 7-8 we follow the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC). These certified international curricula reflect a British approach to education whilst preparing students to succeed as global citizens. At BISG we match the best of a British education with the requirements of the Polish podstawa programowa. Our students receive a solid foundation as international primary students studying in Poland.

English is the medium of instruction across the school. However, all students learn Polish (as a native language or as a second language) alongside one of three other languages offered at our school: Spanish, French and German. The teaching and learning of English and Polish are differentiated in order to cater for the different levels of competence for different learners. At BISG we understand the importance of multilingualism as a gateway to success in a connected world and so even though English is our primary language for teaching, we highly value the first languages of our students and the second languages taught in our school.

In Classes 1-3 learning is objectives-led, and thematically taught. In keeping with the philosophy of the IPC, our teachers prepare lessons that are connected thematically. Teaching this way enables our students to make meaningful connections between their different subjects.

In Classes 4-8 specific subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Polish nationals have additional geography and history lessons in Polish, whilst all students study international history and international geography at standard or extended level. (Historical Reasoning, Geographical Skills). Cross-curricular projects in all subject areas are incorporated into the teaching and learning where possible and we have themed days and weeks which afford students the opportunity to learn together in a cohesive and creative way (e.g. STEM Fair, Humanities Projects, International Projects, etc.) At the end of Class 8, all students will take national Class 8 exams.

From classes 6 to 10, students have the opportunity to join the Student Council, a committee of democratically elected student representatives, two per homeroom. Councillors act as the student voice, representing the student body. They enhance the school spirit with events such as movie nights and discos, in-school initiatives such as bake sales and special celebrations, take part in community work and raise money for charity. Student Council is a great introduction to politics, and gives students valuable experience in teamwork, communication, collaboration and community building.

The Laboratories of the Future programme for schools in Poland is a government initiative aimed at modernizing the country’s education infrastructure. The programme is focused on creating innovative learning environments that will enable students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. The Laboratories of the Future programme provides funding for acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, and the development of educational programs promoting innovation, experimentation, and project-based learning.

With the help of the grant our school has been equipped with a 3d printer, 3d pens, Microbit microcontrollers along with electronic tinkering kits, Edison programmable robots. Our students can now enjoy our new Art and DT classroom equipped with stoves, ovens, kitchen robots and utensils, as well as sewing machines. We’ve also acquired high quality audio/video equipment including two digital cameras, a sound mixer, micro ports, a green screen, lights, a gimbal and a camera stand. With the help of the new equipment we can make learning an even more enjoyable and hands-on experience for our students whilst preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

At BISG we embrace new technologies and are constantly looking for ways in which we can incorporate technology into teaching.

T29: All of our classrooms are equipped with digital projectors paired with interactive whiteboards or interactive monitors plus audio system and fast Internet connection to enhance the learning process. Apart from having a state-of-the-art ICT room equipped with separate workstations for every student, a printer and a 3d printer, we also have 60 laptops available to use during any subject lessons for the older students while the younger students can use tablets.

We have a wide range of technical equipment to use during lessons from video/sound recording devices, programmable Lego and Edison robots, microcontrollers and 3d pens.

With the help of the solar panels installed on our roof we employ technology to lessen our carbon  footprint, while the Airly (air quality sensor) installed on our building provides valuable data on the air quality in the vicinity of our school. 

B10: Each classroom has a large 70” interactive SMART Board as well as a document cameras for whole-class reading. In addition there is a computer suite equipped with PCs and tablets for whole-class ICT lessons.

J46: Each classroom has a large 70” interactive SMART Board. In addition there is a computer suite equipped with PCs and tablets for whole-class ICT lessons. 

The British International School of Gdansk puts on an annual musical production, which includes our entire school community – from students, to staff to parents. However, unlike other schools, our productions are always unique. Instead of dusting off the same old done-to-death shows, we make our own. 

Student volunteers write scenes, pick songs and come up with choreography, which are then polished with the guidance of our experienced staff. We then go away for a week-long intensive rehearsal ‘bootcamp’ where students not only learn acting,singing and choreography but also life skills such as cooperation and communication. 

All of this culminates in a production staged in a professional venue, where parents and friends are invited to witness everything their children have learned from the experience. The result is a production that not only reflects our diverse school community but also contains content and topics relevant to our students’ everyday lives. 

Oh, and it’s also a lot of fun too!!

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