The average of the results of the class 8 exam

Subject Competitions and Olympiads

  • Winner of the English Subject Competition:
    Wiktoria Piask (8th grade)
  • Winner of the Physics Subject Competition:
    Sebastian Grisdale (8th grade)
  • Winners of the Junior English Language Olympiad:
    Wiktoria Piask (8th grade); Lilly Maczan (8th grade); Daria Markevich (8th grade); Katarzyna Kumiszcza (7th grade)
  • Finalists of the English Subject Competition:
    Katarzyna Kumiszcza (7th grade); Lilly Maczan (8th grade)

SCHOOL YEAR 2019/2020

Class 8 exams

We proudly present the results of the eighth class exams. It is worth noting that for a large part of class 8, Polish is not the mother tongue. Taking that into account, we are especially happy to share these results.

SubjectClass 8 (BISG)VoivodeshipCountry

Subject competitions for classes IV upwards

Olga RochowczykSophie Park and Maya Niemczyk became finalists at the voivodeship stage of the English Subject Competition.

Alicja Malczewska from class 8 received the title of laureate of the Voivodeship Subject Competition of the German Language organized by the Pomeranian Board of Education for the second year in a row.

It is also worth mentioning that August Von Seth and Sebastian Grisdale went through to the regional round of the English subject competition, and our youngest participant so far: Georg Grünholz entered the German competition – regional round as well.

Great Reading Marathon

Szymon Paśko from class 6 won the finalist title in the 11th edition of GRM “Reading develops, reading enriches” for students of classes 4-6 of primary schools.

Sebastian Grisdale and Piotr Sasin also received high results in their respective categories.

Math Kangaroo

In the international mathematical competition Kangaroo, 5 of our students were awarded:

In the Ecolier category (class 4) – Pola Paśko

In the Beniamin category (class 6) – Szymon Paśko, Lilly Maczan, Daria Markevich

In the Cadet category (class 8) – Timothey Melentyev

A big round of applause for the other participants!

National English Language Competition “FOX” under the scientific patronage of the Institute of English Philology of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow

A total of 38 people took part in the competition in our school. Many of them took 2nd and 3rd places in their categories.

In addition, we also took part in Mathematical Matches co-organized by the Association “Bez Rutyny” and the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Gdańsk

SCHOOL YEAR 2018/2019

Nationwide Test of Third Grade Competence

17 people from this year’s 3 classes approached the test prepared by the Operon publishing house. The results turned out to be extremely satisfying!

Subject competitions for primary school students from grade IV upwards

Over 6 people got through to the regional stage of the English Subject Competition:

Timothy Melentyev (class 7), Sophie Park (class 6), Dominika Buckle (class 8), Aileen Jakobczyk (class 6), Sebastian Grisdale (class 5), Katarzyna Kumiszcza (class 4), August von Seth (class 7), Natalia Barecka (class 7).

Timothy and August won the title of finalists at the final voivodship level.

Alicja Malczewska from class 7 received the title of laureate of the German Subject Competition organized by the Pomeranian Board of Education and is one of 20 people in the voivodship who won this title – so all the more congratulations!

Great Reading Marathon

Pola Paśko from class 3 received a distinction in the 7th edition of the Great Reading Marathon for the Youngest “Meet New Friends” for pupils from the second to third grade.

Szymon Paśko from class 5 won the title of finalist in the 10th edition of WMC “Reading develops, enriches reading” for students of grades IV – VI of primary schools.


Mathematical Leon

Many of our students took part in the mathematical edition of Leon – a competition organized throughout the whole country.

Congratulations to all participants for such high scores!

Class II

Nina Antoń – 89% – place 5

Einar Mogielnicki – 87% – place 6

Class III

Pola Paśko – 91% – place 4

Armin Mogielnicki – 85% – place 6

Zuzanna Giżewska – 85% – place 6

Aleksander Konieczny-Kucwaj – 74% – place 10

Class IV

Olivier Bączek – 83% – place 7

Jan Guz – 77% – place 9

Class V

Wiktoria Piask – 77% – place 8

Mathematical Kangaroo

In the international mathematics competition Kangaroo, three of our students were honored:

In the category Żaczek (class 2) – Nina Antoń

In the category Maluch (class 3) – Pola Paśko

In the category Maluch (class 4) – Oviya Vijay Anand

Big applause and bows for the other 39 participants!

Bicycle May

The nationwide campaign to support physical activity did not miss Gdańsk, and even more so – our school. The highest results in bicycling to school have been achieved by:

– from class 0: Daniel M., Talia M., Hania P., Ania T., Sue L., Maria E. A., Mateusz K., Julia K., Magdalena Sz., Kristina Y.

– from class 1: Albert G., Mateusz G. – M., Magdalena J., Martins L., Karolina O., Eliza P., Mindaugas S., Hleb V., Anna A., Vithul J., Tinevimbo J ., Nicole L.

– from class 2: Einar M., Alexandra M., Piotr S., Florka L.

– from class 3: Armin M.

– from class 4: Vlada V.

– from class 5: Sara Sz., Brooklyn T.

– from grade 7: Philip G.

III Edition of the Gdansk Mathematics Competition in English “Math is Cool” for sixth-graders

In the competition organized by the Primary School No. 49 in Gdansk, our student, Antek Pielak took a strong, sixth place. Big congratulations!

In addition, we also participated in:

Mathematical Matches co-organized by the “Bez Rutyny” association and the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Gdańsk

Football matches for the Tymbark Cup co-organized by PZPN

Polish National Championships in Programming “Pix2019” organized by the PixBlocks app

SCHOOL YEAR 2017/2018

Subject competitions for primary school students from grade IV upwards

Our 11 pupils have passed on to the regional stage of the English Subject Competition. Three people qualified for the provincial stage:

Dominika Buckle

Timothy Melentyev

Sophie Park

Timothy Melentyev became the laureate of the English Language Subject Competition in the 2017/2018 school year, while Dominika and Sophie became finalists. Congratulations!

Great Reading Marathon

Szymon Paśko from class 4 received the title of finalist in the 9th edition of the Reading Marathon for grades 4-6, scoring 131 out of 160 points. The distinction was awarded to Sebastian Grisdale with 120 points.

In classes 2-3 section, Pola Paśko received a distinction with 133/158 points


SCHOOL YEAR 2016/2017

English and Polish Subject Competitions organised by the Pomeranian Ministry Board of Education

We are beyond happy to annouce that three of our students:

Olga Rochowczyk, class 5
Dominika Buckle, class 6
Monika Kowalczyk, class 6

have made it to the Regional round of the English Contest of Ministry of Education.

In addition, Monika Kowalczyk has also qualified to the Regional round of the Polish Contest of Ministry of Education.

Great Reading Marathon

Out of all of our fervorous readers, our student Szymon Paśko has been titled a finalist in this year’s edition of the Reading Marathon, gaining 145 out of 160 points in classes 2-3 section. Kaja Woźnica and Sebastian Grisdale have both received distinctions.

In section 4-6, Monika Kowalczyk have been awarded a distinction.


10th National English Language Competition “Melting Pot”

As last year, we are very proud to share the results of the Melting Pot competition. Our students have yet again showed us how bright they are.

Adam R. – 7th place – 58/66 p.

Gabriella B. – 7th place – 45/54 p.
Katarzyna K. – 7th place – 45/54 p.

Darya M. – 5th place – 65/73 p.
Wiktoria P. – 6th place – 64/73 p.

Małgorzata H. – 11th place – 60/80 p.

Timothy M. – 2nd place – 97/122 p.
Olga R. – 3rd place – 94/122 p.
Ivan G. – 5th place – 82/122 p.

Sophie H. – 6th place – 101/125 p.
Monika K. – 6th place – 101/125 p.

 SCHOOL YEAR 2015/2016

National English Language Competition “Melting Pot” 2016

We are happy to announce that our school students did enormously well in the National English Language Competition “Melting Pot” 2016.


Katarzyna K. 3rd place 40/42 p.

Darya M. 6th place 37/42 pkt.


Stsiapan M. 1st place 58/60 pkt.

Grace H. 4th place 54/60 pkt.

Natasza R. 6th place 52/60 pkt.


Ryu H. 6th place 64/71 pkt.


Olga R. 2nd place 63/69 pkt.

Ivan G. 6th place 54/69 pkt.


Sophie H. 1st place 64/66 pkt.

Dominika B. 2nd place 62/66 pkt.

Rodion M. 5th place 56/66 pkt.

Great Reading Marathon

In the 2015/2016 school year our students took part in the Reading Marathon and did very well. Special congratulations to Monika Kowalczyk (BISG class 5 student) who has received the recognition from the Reading Marathon organisers for her fantastic result and took part in the official gala held on June 7th.

Subject competitions for primary school students from grade IV upwards

We are very proud to announce that our school students – Sophie Hoare and Jerzy Grzegorowski qualified for the final stage of the English Contest of Ministry of Education for primary school students (EDITION 2015/2016). Sophie has been announced the finalist, Jerzy the laureate.