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Noble gift – we need your help!

Dear BISG families, It is traditional at BISG that we support families at Christmas time through a Polish program called Szlachetna Paczka. This is a Poland wide program aimed at helping the most desperate families at this time by buying them the essential items they need.  At BISG we support four families – one for each site and one shared…


Результати іспиту 8 клас 2023

We would like to share you with you some statistics regarding last year’s class 8 exam. As we our school follows a very specific educational path, we encourage you to check out the key next to the graphs – they will offer some explanation as to how these numbers came about. Congratulations to all the…

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BISG Community Open Chess Tournament 2023

Following the great success of our first student chess competition, we decided to take a step further and organize an open tournament for the whole BISG community! Students, their siblings, parents and teachers are invited to show off their chess skills and have great fun together. To sign up, please email Mr Paweł, the chess…

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BISG Chess Championship 2023

This year, we are hosting our very first chess competition. The inaugural edition will be taking place on the September 23rd at Tysiaclecia. The tournament is open to all students from Class 2 to Class 10. The top three pupils will get a trophy while the top 8 children will represent the school in the inter-school olympiad later…

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Crohn’s Card program

The city of Gdansk and I have officially begun talks which are intended to lead to a city wide implementation of the social program that I run called the Crohn’s Card program. In the image below, Gdansk’s deputy president for social development and equal treatment (Monika Chabior) is seen holding the card that my program gives…

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День поширення інформації про аутизм

3 квітня у BISG ми будемо підвищувати знання про аутизм, організовуючи День поширення інформації про аутизм.

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Всесвітній день математики

Наступного тижня відзначатиметься Всесвітній день математики - окрім ігор, головоломок та активностей, які розважатимуть і захоплюватимуть, ми продовжимо нашу минулорічну загальношкільну картину з ПІ ще одним математичним символом. Все стане відомо у четвер, 23 березня.